Pazio Group™ is a production company for seed production in Uzbekistan, which works on the improvement of hybrid vegetable crops. Largest vegetable-growing company of Uzbekistan, which specializiruetsya mainly on hybrid tomato, pepper, eggplant, cucumber. New culture, currently under development, will be presented to your future interest. We cooperate with many companies: “YÜKSEL TOHUM”, “Imece Plastik”, “Arena”, “Rostorfinvest”, “Terra Tarsa”, “YEŞILYURTLAR”, “Solplast” and others.

Greenhouses are used for growing plants supplied by the company “Imece Plastik”. They provide control such factors as temperature, lighting, humidity and air circulation. Modern greenhouse growing means obtaining high-quality product quality.

Over time, plants Deplete the soil, choosing from her minerals. Therefore, to obtain high yields of crops it is advisable to apply fertilizer. The most common fertilizers used are peat, and the company, “ROSTORFINVEST” is engaged in extraction and processing of peat.

Plants need at least 16 elements for growth and development. Another supplier of foliar feeding of field crops is the company “Terra Tarsa”.

Small plastic containers in which we grow seeds manufactured by the company “Solplast”. They make any number of items and plastic products by applying the technology of injection molding and method of inflating using the mold of the customers and, of plastics of any type and color.